Lewis Browne (1897-1949)

Lewis Browne, my grandmother Rebecca Tarlow's brother, was a world traveler, author, rabbi, former rabbi, lecturer, socialist and friend of the literary elite (H.G. Wells, Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis, Theodore Dreiser, etc.).

See Wikipedia's entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Lewis_Browne

His papers are at the Indiana University's Lilly Archives. Some additional materials are at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem that were given by Myna, Lewis's ex-wife. See this 1937 letter from Charlie Chaplan (calling Lewis an entertaining radio celebrity).

Here is a Copyright Renewal Database from Stanford showing that most of his books did have their copyrights diligently renewed by his sister, Rebecca Tarlow.

Here's an article on Lewis Browne, his friend Charlie Chaplan, and the supernatural.

Lewis Browne's This Believing World was one of four books that guided the writing of the Big Book of AA. If you go to this link, click download, and move forward in the talk to minute 33, the speaker describes the books used, studied and referred to while coming up with the information to start AA. The whole talk is interesting, but the Browne mentions start here. http://xa-speakers. org/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=1663.

Here's the text from some of his books in the Internet Archive (digital). BTW, some of the books are still in copyright.:

Here's a 1933 postcard that Lewis wrote from Berlin. No atrocities there except for the man who told of them. Found at the National Library of Jerusalem by Ruth Bachi (a relative).

Here's an article from 1918 that Lewis wrote, "The Jew is not a Slacker." Note that he had not yet added "e" to his last name.

Here's an article from 1926, “Around the World With a Portable—Excerpts from a Travel Diary: ‘Pink’ Jews of Red Russia.” Here is the entire travel diary from 1926. I happily discovered that my cousin, Eric Kriss “webbed” the travel diary of 1933.

YudelLine's Who was Lewis Browne?

Life and Times of Lewis Browne, my dad’s (Edmond Mosley) biography of Lewis Browne.

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